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Unmasking Monsters Below (UMB) is a film that explores a passion for sharks discovered at a very early age by filmmaker Justin Sago. UMB chronicles his journey to Florida and the people along the way that brought him closer to sharks and ultimately, to the terrifying realization of the troubles these majestic animals face today.

As a young boy growing up in a landlocked region of the country, Justin discovered his love for sharks through books, movies and images that gripped his imagination. In a moment within one of his earliest memories, he heard a mother describe sharks to her young child as “monsters”. The animals that had manifested such adoration within him, being described with a word so often paralleled with horror and fear, sparked a lifelong fascination and a yearning to discover for himself the truth about sharks.

Unmasking Monsters below invites you along on a path of shark discovery and the truths to the often-misunderstood animals patrolling our oceans. Be compelled to have your mind changed, as Justin joins his travel compadre and fellow filmmaker Ryan Mathews to document the lives of three people at the forefront, spending their days interacting with sharks and doing their part to change the dreadful future these great animals face. Be prepared to witness the spiritual side of sharks and the incredible life changing impacts they have had on these individuals and others. As the UMB crew explore the waters of the shark capitol of the U.S., they will come face to face with sharks and attempt to unmask the monsters below.

On average, human beings kill over 100 million sharks per year worldwide. In 2018, only one shark attack in the U.S. resulted in a fatality.


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