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Dan Auld is a camera operator and avid film buff from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His love of cinema and the technical aspects of filmmaking have led him to explore opportunities to use his talents. Dan first worked with The List Productions in 2015 as the lead camera operator for a promotional video involving auditions for the Amazing Race. Dan expressed an interest at that time in any future projects that his talents could be utilized. He was the first crew member hired by TLP when Unmasking Monsters Below came to fruition.


Dan is a graduate of Penn State University in Film and Media Studies. During his time at PSU, he honed his craft through student films and extensive film study. His major influences for his behind the camera work include Saving Private Ryan, Godfather and anything by Alfonso Cuaron.

Aside from working as a camera operator for independent film projects, Dan and his family own a restaurant in Pittsburgh, Harrys Pizza. The restaurant is an important piece to the UMB puzzle, because there he met Justin Sago and Ryan Mathews. However successful this project becomes, Dan will always be best known for turning down an internship with Playboys' Media Group.


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