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Justin Sago is a filmmaker, shark lover and constant adventure seeker from Rivesville, West Virginia.Justin’s love for film began at the young age of 5 when his parents took him to see Jaws 3-D at the Fairmont Theater. Films such as American Ninja, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins and Point Break solidified that interest and made him dream of one day making his own movies.

Justin began his education into the world of filmmaking at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. There he studied 16 mm motion picture film as well as various digital formats of do it yourself movie making. While studying the fundamentals, history and theories of visual media, Justin completed two student films, The Anticipation of the Wait and Dilemma. The experience and knowledge he gained from the two films were invaluable and were the launching pad to his first feature length production, Hatchet Jack (IMDb, 2008). His credits on the film include Writer, Second Unit Director and Executive Producer.

For his second act, Justin teamed up with fellow filmmaker Ryan Mathews to create the YouTube series A Brug’s Life. The ten-episode series focused on travel and seeking out the extreme and obscure adventures this country has to offer. It gave Justin an opportunity to combine his passions for travel and dare devilish activities to the world of filmmaking.


In March of 2016, Justin moved to Sarasota, Florida with an idea to explore one of his most intense passions since childhood…sharks. He came to the quick realization that shark awareness on the west coast of Florida was greatly overshadowed by the more lovable sea turtles and the gentle giant manatees. For act three, Justin created Unmasking Monsters Below, a documentary based on the passionate people he met within the shark world and the realization of the challenges sharks now face to simply exist. He hopes this new project will be an opportunity to make a difference, no matter how big or small, and to bring a greater awareness to the truths and the importance of sharks.

Justin’s greatest creation to date is his daughter Sydney, whom he is happy to say has inherited his love for sharks and the passion for their conservation.


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