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Chris is a long time friend of the List and a prime model of the longtime saying “Never mix friendship and business.” Chris currently fills the positions of Senior Event Manager and PR Coordinator for the List, while also wearing the hat of the List Productions head of Data Analysis and Budgeting.

Chris began his tenure with the List almost from the travel duo’s inception in front of four ovens of a pizza restaurant. It wasn’t his persuasiveness or the ability to communicate affectively that landed him his coveted gig, definitely 100% wasn’t either of those two things, but his willingness to silently look confused when “Just shuffle the damn numbers Chris” was shouted at him in order to resolve any problems that arose.  From day one, Chris has been willing to give 10% to any task the List throws at him and through hard work and effort through the years, now gives almost 14%. Chris’s ability and enthusiasm for delegating all responsibilities, especially those of highest priorities have solidified Chris as an integral part to all future endeavors and the growth of List Productions.

His most favorable moment will always be the night he picked up a member of the List (name to remain anonymous) at the Mt. Lebanon Police Department for celebrating a friend’s engagement a little too enthusiastically. He then put out the fire with TMZ by vehemently denying the leaked rumors ever happened. Chris has been fired 76 times, not including the one time he quit and removed himself from the List Management group text.


DJ is a graduate of Marshall University where he studied Business Management with hopes of one day landing his dream job in the entertainment industry. Today, DJ leads the List Productions legal team as well as Contract and Venue Negotiations Manager for the List.

DJ is an invaluable asset to the List operations. His laid-back attitude combined with his knack for procrastination have enabled him to extend possible deals (i.e. reality show co-starring Charlie Sheen; clothing brand featuring Tas Pappas) without closing or any positive outcomes for years at a time. His ability to “stretch the truth” and provide open ended answers to his clients concerns, have become a part of his charm and a part of the team that is simply nonexpendable. His inability to solve problems, combined with his unwillingness to meet deadlines have opened the List’s eyes and shown the unimportance of certain skillsets, while simultaneously disproving their tributes to success.

His greatest contributions however extend beyond his subpar multitasking abilities. DJ is widely recognized and celebrated for landing a promotional deal with 2018 Monster Jam World Racing Champion, Adam Anderson. He is also credited for brainstorming the idea that would eventually be known as The List Super Secretive Air Jordan Club (TLSSAJC). He’s been relieved of his services 89 times.

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