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The only thing getting The List through


Ryan is Co-Founder of The List Productions and an emerging filmmaker from Pittsburgh, PA. His passion for film came at the early age of 12 where he shot and produced his first movie, The Hitman, which was a limited release to his friends and family. After college, he teamed up with fellow filmmaker Justin Sago to shoot their first travel mini-series, A Brugs Life. 

Ryan’s passion for film along with his love for seeking out adventure has allowed him to capture some unique and extreme footage as seen in the mini-series. His love for film and exploration has taken him on some incredible adventures and is a life-long passion that he plans to continually pursue. Ryan also has a passion for music and has filmed promotional videos for upcoming artists.

Unmasking Monsters Below is Ryan's first exploration into documentary film making and is one of many dreams he plans on bringing to fruition.


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